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Sunny with a Chance of Ruffles: 2012 Teen Swimsuit Trends
We discuss the latest trends in teen pageant swimwear and give you the scoop on what you need to know before hitting the stage.


Fit for a Queen – Pageant Fitness Boot Camp
We sit down with Pageant Fitness Coach, Walter Lewis to talk about what you need to do to prepare for the swimsuit portion of the pageant competition.


Interview with Kooey Swimwear – the Miss USA 2012 Official Swimsuit Sponsor
We caught up with Kooey Swimwear the official sponsor of the 2012 Miss USA pageant. Nikki Shares the secret to finding the perfect swimsuit and what you need to know about accessorizing for the stage!


Pageant Fitness Coach, Walter Lewis
Want to jump start your pageant fitness routine? Then check out this interview with Walter Lewis, The Pageant Fitness Coach .


  • what is acceptable for fitness wear? would a dance costume be ok?

    • Hi Cynthia,

      That is a great question. Many times it just depends on the pageant itself. Take a look at pageant pictures and videos for the last few years to get an idea of what other winners/contestants wore. Did they look similar to your dance costume?

      Many times the purpose of a fitness wear competition is to get an idea of your fitness level so you don’t want something too distracting. What type of dance costume were you thinking about wearing? Feel free to email me at prita@pageantprofessors.com if you have more questions!

  • I am 15 and I was wondering is IT approiate to wear a one or two piece bathing suit for the Miss Michigan Teen USA, this will be my first pageant and I would like to do well please let me know.

    • Hey Chania! For Miss Teen USA it is probably best to wear a two-piece since the judges will be scoring based on fitness and style so you want to make sure they can see that awesome swimsuit body of yours! Check out our latest video: “Sunny with a Chance of Ruffles” for some great advice for picking the perfect swimsuit as a teen pageant contestant! http://www.pageantprofessors.com/video-pageant-instruction/swimsuit/teen-swimsuit-trends-in-2012

    • malepig420

      Hi Chania, I’m going to have to agree with the professor on this one. The two piece , while maybe not “appropriate” is the way to go if you want to do well in the competition. It’s all about showing off that hot body, and a bikini is the best way to do this. Many a swimsuit portion is won on combination of jiggling breasts, toned ripped abs, and the sway of your hips. The more developed you are , the better your chances. Being sexy and sultry is key as well. Most teen girls have trouble mastering this.

      • malepig420

        The judges are looking for the girl with the best baby making potential. The more you fill out a tiny bikini in all the right spots, the more desirable you are for mating.

  • Felicia

    What is a good pageant shoe? I have been seeing that a lot of people are wearing taupe strappy heels, is that okay?

  • Bella

    Hello, I’m curious about how to chose the right color for my swimsuit. Any advise?