Pageant Professors Style Watch: Peplum Dresses for Interview

Peplum Dresses We Love!

If you’ve flipped open a fashion magazine lately or taken a look at who is wearing what on the red carpet – you may have noticed the latest trend to hit the fall fashion runways: peplum dresses. While many fashion forward trends are hard to incorporate into your pageant weekend wardrobe, the peplum dress may be one of the few exceptions.

The peplum style, defined as a “short overskirt or ruffle at the waistline” is one of the hottest trends we have seen lately and lucky for us pageant girls, it also can look great as an interview outfit come pageant time. Perfect for Miss and Mrs pageant contestants, this style (which should always be worn fitted) cinches the waist while adding ruffles and flair at the hips. The added fabric around the hips creates a very feminine and sultry silhouette that hugs your curves and screams “I am woman!”

True Blue Peplum

Though this is one trend we think works well in the pageant world, there are some things that you need to pay attention to if you really want to look the part of a beauty queen:

  • Since this style is trendy enough on its own, make sure you don’t incorporate too many other trendy elements. No leopard prints, no neon shoes – you want to look polished and primed… not like someone who is trying to wear all of Vogue’s September issue in one sitting.

  • Wear color! We love the peplum dresses in bright bold colors like royal blue, fiery red or a rich Kelly green. An interview outfit that incorporates color is going to be much more memorable than any boring black or brown dress/suit that you will find.

  • This is one trend that may be just for the Miss contestants and older. Although there are plenty of teen colors this dress may look great in, something about the exaggerated hips and tight pencil skirt seems more appropriate for women and not so much for girls. If you are a teen that is dying to rock this trend, look for dresses in softer colors to play down the sexiness a little bit. Light pinks, corals or sea foam green are great options for teens.

  • Because this dress is (or at least should be) fitted and curve-hugging, it is important to find it in fabrics that are thicker, lined and an appropriate length. With this trend being everywhere now – you want to make sure you don’t grab the club version of this dress which tends to super short and made of thinner, jersey-type fabrics that are too clingy and leave little to the imagination.

Whether or not you opt to rock this trend in your next pageant, the important thing to remember is that with whatever you wear, wear it with confidence!

What do you think about this fall trend? Would you rock it during interview? Sound off in the section below… we’d love to hear from you!

  • Aly

    Hey, I have a bright purple peplum dress which has a purple lace overlay, I love this dress and was thinking of wearing it in interview for my next pageant, what do you think? x

    • Hi Aly,

      I think the most important thing is finding a dress you love and feel confident in. It sounds like you really love this purple peplum dress and if that is the case, I say go for it!