“Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?” – How Your Family Can Show Team Spirit


There is nothing better than competing in a pageant and being able to find your family and friends in the crowd despite the big, bright, stage lights. There are a couple ways that your family can respectfully (no fog horns please!) show team spirit and root for you during pageant finals and preliminaries. Although the level of cheering in the crowd is not on the judges scoring matrix, it can certainly help boost your confidence and overall appeal.

There is nothing cuter than a group of family or friends wearing over-sized buttons with your face on it. This is the most subtle of signage and does not distract any other participants or audience members during the show. Ebay, craft stores, Amazon, and other websites have clear photo buttons for this purpose. All you have to do is cute out photos of you to fit the circumference. Try printing photos in bulk at places like FedEx or Kinkos. Tight for time? Websites like Zappos.com will do the whole process for you.

Head on a Stick
This is more fabulous than it sounds. Locations like FedEx can print 8X10 photos of you and mount them on a thin Styrofoam backing. Mixing sticks for paint from the hardware store make great handles. Secure the handles with masking tape or hot glue. A batch of these will ensure that you can see your fans from a mile away.

On a National stage, have your family and friends wave the flag of your designated state. There are some great deals on Ebay for these.

Old Fashioned Posters
Posting wishing you luck or spelling out your name/state/title are awesome when used properly. Audience members should not block the view of other paying customers and fans. Make sure they understand that the posters can only be used (and sparingly at that) while you walk across the stage.

Tee Shirts
Fun photo shirts are a great way to show appreciation for a contestant and they’re fabulous conversation starter for the wearer! There are many sites online that offer this service.

Audience members should avoid devices that make noise or objects that will obstruct the view of others. Make sure to factor these spirit items into your budget (unless of course you have overzealous friends and family that take the reins). There is no such thing as too much spirit, so I hope to see all your fans at the next pageant decked out from head to toe!