Pageant Sponsorship: Raising Money for Your Pageant


Unique ways to raise money for your next pageant

Pageant sponsorship can be the fastest way to finance your run for the crown. From entry fees to the price of your evening gown, the cost of competing in pageants can be a major stressor that could prevent you from enjoying the experience. Here are some easy suggestions on how to kick start your fundraising efforts! Pageant sponsors – and the extra money they bring may be even closer at hand that you think.

      • Turn a hobby into profit and be your own sponsor: I first heard about Etsy from Allie who turned to this crafty website for homemade accessories for her daughter Reagan. I started knitting about a year ago and have thought about selling my scarves online. If you’re crafty, selling your products might be a good option.
      • Use it or lose it: Your closets or drawers are a good place to start when looking for pageant money. We are all guilty of holding on to items that don’t quite fit or we purchased on a whim. Return any unopened or unused items you find. Get familiar with your favorite stores’ return policies; if you have the receipt, odds are you’ll get what you paid right back.
      • Give lessons: Allie has cheer and dance experience. Why not hold your own classes at a local recreation center and invite your friends? Not only will you be working on your fitness, you’ll be raising cash for your cause. If you’re a math whiz, why not tutor someone at school for a fee? Many parents might be willing to pay a school mate to help develop their child’s skills at a fraction of the cost of a professional tutoring center.
      • Hold a virtual yard sale: Allie had been eyeing a gorgeous MacDuggal gown for weeks on Ebay. She decided to sell her own handbags and shoes on the website and used the funds to purchase the gown entirely. Cha-ching!
      • Jeans day: Ask your school or employer to be your pageant sponsor, but do it with a fun twist: Ask if they’d be willing to host a jeans day or casual Friday in exchange for a donation to you and your cause. At $5 a person, this could add up quickly!
      • Work it: Car washes, bake sales or dinner parties are always a great way to get people out and get them involved.
      • Barter: Don’t forget that you can raise support for your pageant without necessarily getting cold hard cash. Local businesses can be amazing pageant sponsors, but they usually are more likely to support you with products and services than with money. So be it your nail salon, hair stylist, local print shop or even an up and coming designer in the area – you can work out a barter that allows you to promote their businesses in exchange for free services/items. Business pros usually call this arrangement “in-kind payment.”


    Please leave us a comment below! Have you had success with finding sponsors for your pageant? Do you have your own ideas for raising money for your pageant? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Tatyana

    i am dien of help,i need help gettin sponsored and to raise $480 dollars please help

    • Trinity

      Hey are you in the Nam program me to I could really use a partner text me 702.773.5111

  • Maya Thomas

    i’m trying to raise $480 dollars please help me, it’s for a pageant in June

  • Payton Palazzi

    I have to raise $1000 in sponsors for Miss Arkansas Teen USA pageant.
    if someone could just donate a little that would be great. please go to and look or Payton Palazzi and please help me reach my goal. thanks guys. (:

  • Chelsea O

    Hello everyone! I am competing the the Miss NJ USA 2016. I need to raise $1200 in sponsorship fees. I have created a account for sponsorship donations. Thank you so much for the love and support!

    • XxIRisStrangexX

      Hello Chelsea O. I am also in the miss Miss New jersey USA pageant. I would love to get to know the other contestants. Hit me up so we can brain storm together on how to receive sponsorship. xoxo Steph. C

  • Whitney adams

    Hey guys!!(: my name is Whitney, and I am competing for my first pageant on August 30th. Which will be the miss teen Kentucky pageant, And I need help to raise $600 in sponsorship money. Please help me rais this!! Thank you. You can donate at

  • Ranee M GenoW

    I am writing to you, as I am proud to represent Bay City in 2016 National American Miss State Pageant to be held June 30, 2016 at the beautiful Causeway Bay Hotel in our beautiful State Capital, Lansing Michigan. This is the most prestigious and family oriented pageant. National American Miss is a program based on lifetime of experience and the foundational principles of positive self-image and natural beauty within. For this reason, they believe kids should be kids, and they stress age appropriate activities and attire in all age divisions.

    A little bit about myself my name is Shawntee Marie Genow. I am a bright five year old and I am in kindergarten at State Street Academy. I am a participant in the Big Brother/ Big Sisters organization. I enjoy volunteering at my school, and looking forward to finding new places to volunteer this summer. I am very passionate about singing and dancing. I love horses, and my favorite flowers are daisies. I mostly enjoy spending time with my family.

    I am in need of sponsors to help me achieve my goal of becoming the next National American Miss Princess. I would be honored to have you as one of my sponsors. My total entry fee is 1000. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. In return you will be listed in the pageant program under my name. I would also be available to attend any special occasion you may have. With your help allowing me to achieve my goals you are also allowing me to receive scholarship to further my education in the future.

    Thank you so very much for your donations and your time!!
    Best wishes,

    Shawntee Genow

    Please feel free to contact me at 989.890.7995 ask for Ranee I am Shawntee’s mom. Thank you very much again! Anything help!

    • Tyana

      I’m having a hard time getting sponsors for nam as well

  • Kiera Hewitt

    Hello my name is kiera Hewitt and I was looking for a good sponsor for my little girl she have gotten a special invite for the miss southern USA baby pageant can someone plz help me I’m a single mom with 2 kid my little boy plays football and I want her to be able to do something to

  • Haleemah Ajagbe

    Hi, my name is Haleemah Ajagbe. I want to participate in this year’s Miss Teen Charleston. It would be a dream come true for me, please donate at Please donate what you can.

  • Jassy Black

    Hi my name is Jasmine Dicks and this year thousands of young ladies throughout the U.S participated in National American Miss program which i am one of them. my participation is made greatly possible through the generosity of sponsors like you who can believe in encouraging and supporting me through my roads I’m about to cross but hopefully with your help. families all over the U.S trust the program I’m in. this is also my first time doing it but with the grace of your generosity it will not be the last. thank you for your time and in the future you will be my sponsor.

  • Patrice Hyman

    My name is Patrice Hyman and my daughter is Angel Hyman. She has been anonymously selected to participate in the National American Miss Pageant. She is 11 years old, very outgoing and full of love. She needs to raise $550 in order to keep her spot in the NAM Pageant. Anything will help and if you can’t help, prayer always helps. Thank you and be blessed!