Pageant Roommates: Two’s Company


Many pageants last several days, and chances are that you’ll be assigned a pageant roommate or allowed to select a roommate for pageant weekend. If you follow these 5 simple guidelines, your chances of getting along with your bunkmate will increase dramatically. Although she is technically “competition,” don’t forget that she is also your pageant sister and that your biggest competition is yourself!

Start off with a kind gesture.
I like to bring my pageant roommate a little goody bag or good luck card. It starts the relationship off right letting her know that I’m exciting to be spending the weekend with her.

Discuss bedtimes and sleeping habits up front.
It is best to discuss an appropriate “lights out” agenda prior to the first evening together. You will both need your beauty sleep, so this is important.

Divide space and resources evenly.
Make sure that your suitcase doesn’t explode across the room. If there is a mirror on your side of the room, point it out and ask if she would like dibs on the bathroom mirror first.

Talk about a shower schedule.
There is nothing worse than running a few minutes behind and realizing that you both need to take a shower. Just like bedtime, discuss shower habits up front. You may prefer evening and she may prefer morning. Even if you both prefer morning, see who is an earlier riser – time runs out quickly before breakfast.

Genuinely support each other.
Congratulate your roomie for a job well done when the pageant is all over with. The crown may or may not be on either one of your heads, but hopefully you have each made a new friend.

Like any relationship, communication is key. It is important that your room during pageant weekend be an oasis and sanctuary from any chaos. Harboring a kind attitude and generous spirit will ensure just that. If there are any issues with your pageant roommate that cannot be resolved, ask to speak with the pageant director immediately.

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