Making the Grade: Pageant Prep at School


Just because it is time to get back to class, that doesn’t mean your pageant preparations have to be forgotten! Here are some ideas on how you can prepare for your upcoming pageant while in school:

Use your School/Campus Theater or Auditorium: Most schools and universities have a theater. Talk to the principle or theater department about using the stage after school one day. This is the perfect way to practice wearing your evening gown and swimsuit. Pretend that your judges are there and work on your walk, removing your sarong in swimsuit, and eye contact. Have a parent, guardian or trusted friend come with you to help you critique your performance and videotape you for further review. This will also be a great way to see how your gown looks on stage under the lights, if your earrings and other “bling” stand out enough and if your dress is the proper length (remember what Professor Allison said “make sure your gown skims the stage”)

Dance studio: With ceiling to floor mirrors, you can really work on your walk, eye contact and posing. Again bring your dress, swimsuit and all your shoes. The more practice you can get in your pageant attire, the more comfortable you will be pageant weekend.

In both of these locations, don’t forget to practice the opening number as well. While this isn’t a scored category of the competition, the judges are looking for the girl that stands out the most in the crowd with the “it” factor. You don’t have to be the best dancing diva, but you should be confident enough in the routine that you can truly shine during the performance.

Prepare for Interview at School: It’s also easy to prepare for interview at school as well. Since you can never practice enough for the interview portion of the competition, get your classmates and teachers involved.

Use P.E. as Pageant Fitness Time: Just because your swamped with homework and pop quizzes doesn’t mean that your fitness regimen has to take a back seat. Be an overachiever in your P.E. (Physical Education) class. Treat it like a free gym session. Between studying and homework take a five minute break to do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and planks. Get your friends and roommates involved in your workout sessions as well. Do exercise videos in the dorm, yoga in the common room, and run around campus.

Utilize School Clubs and Groups to Fundraise: Reaching out to school or campus groups is a great way to make contacts and throw a fundraiser to help raise funds.

Star in the Campus Paper: Talk to the campus newspaper about interviewing or doing a profile on you as a way boost your name recognition. You’ll find that your peers probably don’t always know about the amazing things you are doing and it is a great way to get your name out!

Judges are looking for a well rounded, intelligent young woman, which typically means they are serious about their education. With these tips you can make the grade both in school and in pageantry!

Got your own ideas how you can practice for pageants at school? Share them in the comments below.