Master Pageant Heels with our Stiletto Survival Guide


Learn how to wear pageant heels with maximum grace and minimal pain!

There is nothing better than a great pair of pageant heels to improve your posture, make your legs look slimmer and your stomach appear flatter—that is, if you can master walking in them.

“The higher the heel, the closer to God” –Unknown

Here are our Top 7 secrets to surviving (and looking fabulous) in your sky-high Pageant Heels!

  1. Size ’em up: All shoe sizes are not created equal and they may differ between brands and designers. To ensure the proper fit, make sure you try the pageant heels on. If you are ordering online – look to peer reviews to help make a best guess on sizing. Most sites will advise you on whether the heels run true to size or a little on the large or small size so you can order accordingly. Once you get your heels, make sure you have enough breathing room so you can add cushions in the soles later. You don’t want a heel that you are sliding around in so make sure they are snug as a bug!
  2. Get cushy: Inserting cushions or insoles to your pageant heels will help shift pressure from the balls of your feet and reduce any pain. Dr. Scholl’s For Her inserts can be a life-saver when strutting around in those stilettos. Think your heels are are pain proof? Grab an extra pair of insoles to stick in your purse… just in case. That way if your tootsies get sore sometime during the evening, you have some relief near by!
  3. Material matters: Avoid heels that are made of synthetic fabrics as they can become very uncomfortable after a few wears. Synthetic materials are often cheaper but what you save in dollars initially, your poor toes might be paying for in pain later. Are you a budgeting beauty queen? Never fear! Keywords like “leather upper” will help you find glamorous heels that will be (relatively) comfy without breaking the bank!
  4. The sky’s not always the limit: Don’t try and go too high too fast. Instead, pick a stiletto height that you’re comfortable with and stick to it. If you usually wear 3-inch pumps to work, build your way up to 4-inch heels. As your ankles develop the strength they need to walk safely at the increased height, you may be ready to upgrade to a 5-inch shoe before you know it.
  5. Practice makes perfect: Wearing your new heels around the house weeks before your pageant competition (or big day) will not only break them in but it will give you time to notice where problems may arise. Walk across different surfaces to learn how to deal with varying textures underfoot – walking on will feel very different compared to strutting around on concrete. For added security, apply skid resistant petals to the bottoms of your shoes to ensure you can strut on slick surfaces without worry.
  6. Make a play for platforms: While inching your way up to the highest of heels, a platform shoe can help give you some height without putting strain on your arches. Shoes with a 1/2 inch or 1 inch platform may require some practice when it comes to balance but they sure make strutting around in skyscraper heels all day a whole heck of a lot easier!
  7. Confidence is key: Like with most things in life, you have to feel fabulous if you are going to look fabulous. No matter which pair of heels you pick, the key to rocking them in style is to look like they were made for you. If during your practice runs you find yourself stumbling or fidgeting in your stilettos, opt for another pair that will allow you to walk with your head held high all night long, not peering down at your heels in frustration.

Sky high pageant stilettos may be intimidating at first, but with careful consideration and preparation, you’ll be stepping out in them in no time!

Share your own secrets to walking in stilettos in the comment section below!

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  • Andrea :)

    Really enjoyed this one! You should make one on pageant hair and makeup for what kind of looks are most popular with hair and makeup do’s and don’t. Keep up the good work ladies!

    • Thanks, Andrea! So glad you found this video helpful. I love your ideas for other videos – we’ll get something filmed this week! Keep the fantastic suggestions coming – we love love love hearing from you guys!


  • Thalya Ramlal

    i have size 12 there isnt many cute pageant shoes out there i am 6’3” and i have a sprained ankle its not easy so u learn to make do with what uhave i will however be competeing in flats or in heels with crutches