Are you too short to compete in a beauty pageant?


One of the most frequently asked questions about competing in beauty pageants is “am I too short to compete?” The amazing thing about pageantry is that it embraces the beauty and accomplishments of all women that are willing to compete, no matter their height. We’ve put together some easy techniques to create a taller appearance:

    1. Confidence conveys height. Insecurities and fears can translate into slouching on stage so be aware of your posture. Keep your back straight and shoulders up—not only will this make you look taller and helps your tummy look toned. More so, you’ll appear more alert and engaged on stage.
      Manage your weight. A healthy frame will help you look naturally taller than you really are. Exercise regularly and avoiding junk food will help you stay fit. Exercise systems like ballet and yoga will not only give you a sleek body, it will help you realign your body and achieve better posture.
    1. Long hair may hide your gorgeous face, drown a small figure and make you look shorter. Be sure to style your hair so that it has some height and fullness around the crown. Check out “Pump up the Volume” for way to get full, gorgeous pageant hair. Another way to work with long locks is by creating height. Consider an up do for your next pageant for added inches to your frame.
    1. Avoid evening gowns with chokers. Horizontal lines of any kind should be avoided because it breaks your silhouette and makes you look shorter. Elongate your figure with v-necklines and create the illusion of longer legs with empire waist gowns. Dresses that feature empire waist have a raised waist line which is higher towards the bust line. This creates a lengthening effect that makes a woman look stretched and thus taller.
    1. A monochromatic evening gown will give the impression of length. Wearing black is a secret weapon women have used to look taller and make your body appear leaner but navy, deep greens and burgundy work just as great. Added bonus: dark colors command attention and project power on stage.
  • Are you a petite contestant and still have questions? Got your own secrets to looking taller on stage? Leave them in the box in the comments below!