Pageant Extras

Fundraising Secrets and How to Get Pageant Sponsors
Fundraising is a key component that every pageant girl NEEDS to know. Click in to watch Prita and Nicole discuss some unique ways that you can raise cash for your sash!


Team Spirit: How Your Family Can Show Their Team Spirit!
There is nothing better to help counter the nerves on stage than hearing an entire cheering section dedicated only to you. Check out this video to get helpful hints on how your family and friends can show their team spirit at your next pageant!


Two’s Company: How to be a Great Roommate During Pageant Weekend! Pageant Weekend is crazy enough without the added stress of a tumultuous relationship with your assigned pageant-weekend roomie but if you follow our advice, you and your pageant roommate can be the “Team of Destiny” for pageant weekend – supporting and cheering on each other the whole way through. Take a look!


The Top 7 Secrets to Mastering Pageant Heels
High heels and pageants go together like peanut butter and jelly! But lasting all day in the highest of heels & looking good doing it is not always an easy feat. In this video we share our Top 7 secrets that you need to know to survive in your stilettos!


FAQ: Am I too short to compete in a pageant?
It’s a common myth that beauty pageants have height requirements for winners – in fact, some of the most recognizable titleholders on the national stage are petite contestants. Watch this video to learn how to stand tall among the competition regardless of your height!


5 Keys to Nailing Your Contestant Introduction
You know the saying… “you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.” Well, that is true when it comes to the world of pageantry too and your contestant introduction is the first time judges and the audience will see you on stage. In this video we share the 5 keys to making your contestant introduction a memorable one!


Making the Grade: Pageant Prep at School
Hey there, you brainy beauty queen! We know you are swamped – kicking butt in class, working your college job all while trying to find time to prepare for your upcoming pageant. It can be tough. But never fear, in this video we share handy tips on how you can be a maven of multitasking and prepare for your pageant WHILE at school!


Pageant Trunk Shows: What You Need to Know Before You Go!
Pageant trunk shows are one of the best places to find an evening gown for your next pageant. In this video we talk about what you need to know to get the most out of your trunk show!


How to Sound Like a Beauty Queen
Every pageant girl knows that in order to be a beauty queen, you have to not only look the part but you have to SOUND like a beauty queen too. In this video we share our 5 secrets to sounding like the confidant & fabulous beauty queen you are!


How to use to Find the Perfect Evening Gown for You!
Finding the perfect pageant gown is no easy feat but finding the perfect gown for a fraction of the cost is near impossible! Until Pageant Resale that is! In this video we talk to Pageant Resale’s Rachel Henry to get you exclusive tips on how to Pageant Resale like a pro!


Pageant Evening Gowns On a Budget? Borrow, Bargain or Bedazzle!
You don’t have to break the bank to find a gorgeous evening gown! Check out our advice for finding the perfect evening gown on a budget!


Pageant Lessons from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
The Victoria’s Secret Angels have legendary runway struts and amazing stage presence. In this video we talk about how can strut like an “Angel” in your next pageant competition.


Overcoming Post-Pageant Exhaustion
How you wind down from a pageant is just as important as how you “wind-up.” In this video we discuss the 5 R’s of Post-Pageant Exhaustion and what you need to do to recover after the pageant is over.


At-Large Pageant Contestants
Have you ever thought about becoming an at-large pageant contestant? In this video we discuss the pros and cons of going at-large and what it means for you!