Pageant Beauty

Pageant Beauty Basics: How to Find the Perfect Pageant Foundation
Finding the perfect pageant foundation is extremely important when it comes to having a flawless pageant day look. In this video we discuss what things you should look for in a perfect pageant foundation and what things you should avoid.


Dye Hard: What to Know Before You Color Your Hair
Changing your hair color is a fun way to revamp your pageant look but if done incorrectly it can also ruin your chances of winning the crown. In the video Allie and Prita discuss what you NEED to know before changing your hair color.


Pageant Beauty Basics: Blush vs Bronzer
The battle between using blush versus bronzer appears to be an epic one. So how do you decide which look is best for your next pageant? Check out this article to learn which product is better for you!


Pageant Beauty Basics: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes
Great pageant makeup brushes can be an expensive investment. But before you go out and drop some cash, watch this video to learn what makeup brushes are worth the splurge and which you can ditch!


Pageant Beauty Basics: Foundation Primers
Did you know the right foundation primer can ensure your flawless pageant makeup will last all day? Check out this video for our guide to foundation primers as well as Prita’s secret go-to primer that will surprise the heck out of you!


  • Tanissa R Williams

    Which look is all-around better for a pageant? A natural, glowing look? Or a sultry smokey eye?

    • Be careful of “natural looks” because while they look great in person, on stage it can sometimes appear that you don’t have any makeup on at all! One of our favorites is a brown smokey eye. Rather than using harsh blacks and silver (which can look just boring and gray and some skin tones) using shades of brown to smoke your eyes will give your look a glamorous lift that will complement almost all skin tones!

  • Sommer

    I’m very fair skinned and I’m just wondering your thoughts about spray tans on fair skinned teens.. I don’t want to look unnatural and orange but I don’t want to look like a ghost either when all the other girls will be tan. Please help!

    • olivia

      Same!!!!! Help

  • lisa

    are you allowed to wear false teeth in miss usa pageants