Post-Pageant Exhaustion – The 5 R’s


By Allie Brenner

There is no doubt that a pageant is both physically and emotionally draining on all of its contestants, even the winner. After all, it is a full scale production where all players must bring their A-game for typically three days straight. I get tired just thinking about it. As much as you prepare BEFORE the big event, it is also important to plan for AFTER the big event. Chances are that you’ll be more drained than you realize. We advise you to exercise the five Rs: respiration, recuperation, rest, relaxation, and reflection.

Just breathe. Take a few quiet minutes by yourself to so some deep breathing. You did it; it’s over! Drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day following the pageant will also help you recover faster. Getting enough sleep (at least 8 hours) for several nights following the production doesn’t hurt either. Find a girlfriend, follow contestant, or family member to gab with about the weekend, events, and results. Get out all of your feelings (both good and bad), emotions, and drama privately with this said confidante. Doing this right away will allow you to put your mind at ease. Do not lash out or brag endlessly on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Keep it classy. Don’t let your exhaustion cloud your judgment.

If your budget allows, schedule a massage or facial to pamper yourself post-production. Sitting in a sauna or steam room (or even just a hot shower at home) can help detox your mind and body. Make sure that your schedule is slow following the pageant if at all possible. Having too many work projects, school commitments, etc. immediately thereafter may put you at wits end. As the winner, you will have many pageant-related obligations (photo shoots, interviews, etc.). If you are not the winner, take a moment to reflect on the great things you learned and the fabulous friends that you made.

After a pageant, you’ll be tired, your feet will hurt, and you may be filled with all kinds of emotions. Take a moment for the 5 Rs: respiration (just breathe!), recuperation (drink lots of water), relaxation (spa anyone?), rest (zzzz), and reflection (gab with a friend…not online!). Pull up your bootstraps because your next pageant is just around the corner.

Do you have any suggestions for winding down from a pageant? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment in the section below!

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  • Jamie Ramirez

    I’m glad to see this. After my first pageant last January, I came home and just had a total crash. It took about 36 hours before I felt normal again and I just wasn’t expecting it to take so much out of me. It must have been all the adrenaline or something!