How to Achieve Pageant Success


Taking a Gamble: Pageant Success through Goal Achievement Regardless of Placement

To quote Charlie Sheen, the main goal that girls and women usually have when entering pageants is WINNING, DUH. Our goal today is to convey to you that winning should be a secondary goal in your pursuit of pageant success because pageants are a gamble and there is much to gain outside of the title. Many loyal subjects in the pageant world would concur that entering a pageant, although a dream come true, can also be categorized as a game of sorts. Based solely on the judges discretion, it’s anybody’s game. In the industry, we like to say, “Different judges, different day” meaning that these two variables affect the outcome of the pageant. On another day with another set of judges, another girl might have the crown.

In a typical pageant, there can be anywhere from 5 to 200 contestants making the odds of winning the one crown anywhere from 1 in 5 to 1 in 200. These types of odds are not bad per se, but as a contestant, it is important understand these mechanics and have alternate goals besides winning in order to gain the most out of your pageant experience.

Below, we have drawn up a sample list of primary goals that you may want to consider. No matter what the outcome, winning the crown should just be the icing on the cake.

Example Goals for Pageant Success

  • Be the best you and only compete with yourself
  • Make a new friend or two or three or four…
  • Help someone who needs encouragement/a bobby pin/zipper assistance
  • Treat the pageant day or weekend as a mini vacation and enjoy every moment
  • Bring an extra swimsuit or dress to be ready to help someone with an emergency
  • Use the pageant as a platform to spread the word about social issues that are important to you
  • View the interview as a mechanism for honing your public speaking and communication skills
  • Gain self esteem and a better body image
  • Practice your stage presence
  • Earn your own respect for having done something amazing

Although achieving one or more of these goals doesn’t necessarily make you the winner, it makes you a winner. Judges can always tell which girls are having a blast and which ones are genuinely frightened out of their minds. In closing, pageants are a gamble and an investment in yourself (the best kind!) but having multiple goals outside of the win is a surefire way not to walk away empty handed and ensure that you achieve pageant success.

Why do YOU compete in pageants, leave us a comment in the section below!