How to be in a Pageant: Preparing for the Mental Game

FAQ: Am I too short to compete in a pageant?
Confidence is key when competing in a pageant and in this video we give you tips to learn how to stand tall among the competition regardless of your height!


Overcoming Post-Pageant Exhaustion
How you wind down from a pageant is just as important as how you “wind-up.” In this video we discuss the 5 R’s of Post-Pageant Exhaustion and what you need to do to recover after the pageant is over.


How to Achieve Pageant Success
Winning a pageant is no easy feat. In this video we discuss how to set goals for your pageant that will ensure you walk away a winner come competition day!


How (and Why) to Build Friendships During Pageant Weekend
Making friends and building lasting relationships on pageant weekend may not seem that important to you just yet but it should. In this article Allie tells you why it is so important to focus on the relationships when it comes to competing in pageant!


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    Your “Am I Too Short To Compete” video is not working! I would LOVE to see it though 🙂