Why YOU should compete in a Mrs Pageant


There’s a First Time For Everything: Why YOU should compete in a Mrs Pageant

Being a “Mrs.” can be the hardest job in the world. You may wear several hats throughout the day and tackle many responsibilities as a professional, mother and wife. In order to be your best, doing something for yourself isn’t just a luxury, it’s imperative. You may have never thought of competing in a Mrs pageant but… why not?

Here are a few reasons you should compete in a Mrs pageant:

  • Community service: Mrs pageants recognize women that are committed to service projects and philanthropic endeavors. Being a local or state titleholder can be your ticket to fun and fulfilling activities around town, a great vehicle for increasing your exposure within the community and an opportunity to promote social causes that are important to you.

  • Mother-daughter time: We recently met a woman who decided to enter a Mrs pageant as a way to spend time with her daughter who wanted to participate in a teen pageant. Throwing your own hat into the pageantry ring sets a great example for your children and gives them the sense of confidence they need to pursue their own dreams.

  • New girl: Move over books clubs and Pilates classes, Mrs pageants are the “it” way to meet other women, especially if you are new to the area. One of the best ways to meet people and build relationships is to commit to a shared activity together.

  • Boost self confidence: Mrs pageants can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence and life satisfaction. Just filling out your paper work allows you time you might not otherwise have had to focus on things you have achieved throughout your life, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment.

  • Bring sexy back: strutting across a Mrs pageant stage in a swimsuit might be all the motivation you need to get into the gym and back into shape. Allie knows better than anyone how challenging losing the baby weight can be. Check out her article, “50 Pounds in 6 Months: A Mommy’s Guide to Shedding Baby Weight.”

No matter what your personal reasons for entering your first Mrs pageant, you’re guaranteed to have an experience like no other, challenging yourself and meeting like-minded women who share your interests.

Would you consider competing in a Mrs pageant? Let us know in the comments below.