What is a Beauty Pageant


What is a Beauty Pageant?

The answer to the title of this article may seem blatantly obvious to many, but do you REALLY know what a beauty pageant is? Even contestants sometimes don’t know what they’ve bargained for, so we’re here to help lay the groundwork for what a beauty pageant really is and what a beauty pageant should be.

Webster’s dictionary doesn’t even contain the phrase “beauty pageant” so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the defining. The closest phrase listed in the dictionary is “beauty contest” which is defined as: an assemblage of girls or women at which judges select the most beautiful —called also beauty pageant. This definition barely grazes the surface. Webster’s definition of “ beauty pageant” couldn’t be more off the mark:

a: a mere show and

b: an ostentatious display.

Have these people seen a Miss Universe production? Clearly, no.

Let’s start off by defining a pageant as a spectacular event. Building off of that, a beauty pageant is a venue typically for women or girls to showcase their beauty, physical fitness, intellect, public speaking, grace, and sometimes talent. And what, may you ask, happens at this said event? Judges select the contestant who best represents the ideals of that particular pageant system (sample systems include Miss Universe/Miss USA, Miss America, Mrs. America, Miss United States, Miss International, etc.). Although there are many levels of beauty pageants and calibers of beauty pageant systems, the fact that it is a competition remains the same.

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We hope our definition of “beauty pageant” helped! Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments section below.