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Want to learn about pageant contests? Maybe you want to be in a pageant contest or maybe you just want to learn what they are all about! Whatever your reasons, you’ve come to the right place. In this article you are going to learn everything you need to know about pageant contests: from what they are to how to enter one for yourself and even what you need to know BEFORE entering a pageant contest. So let’s get started!

What is a pageant contest?

A pageant contest, which is more commonly known as a ‘Beauty Pageant’ or ‘Beauty Contest’, is a competition where contestants are ranked by a group of judges based on things like physical appearance, talent, personality, and physical fitness. Using different phases of competitions (such as in in-person interviews or talent performances), the judges select a contestant or contestants to be crowned the winners of the competition. These pageant contest winners are usually called Beauty Queens or Titleholders.

Winning a pageant contest can earn you a number of prizes based on the pageant contest you are entering. Some pageant contests will give the winner cash prizes, scholarship money for school, gifts such as clothing & jewelry and in some cases, you can even win a car. Prizes for a pageant contest depend on the number and kind of sponsors that donate prizes for the winners. In addition to all of the prizes you win in a pageant contestant – you will also earn yourself a crown and a sash with your pageant title on it such as Miss America, Miss India, Miss Universe or Miss World. With this title, you will spend a year attending events, meeting supports and volunteering at various charities in your area. The publicity and notoriety that comes with winning a pageant contest is an important element to being a titleholder.

Types of pageant contests

There are many different kinds of pageant contests and each one has different rules, different phases of competition and even different prizes. The most common categories of pageant competitions are: seasonal, local, state, national, and global.

Seasonal pageant contests are small pageants that usually tied to an event or festival. Examples of seasonal pageant contests are Miss State Fair, Miss Cherry Blossom Festival and Miss Christmas etc. These pageant contests usually have fewer contestants than a state or a local pageant which means they also will require a smaller entry fee. The prize package for winning a seasonal pageant contest will depend on the popularity of the contest and the number of sponsors a pageant has. Because the pageant contest is tied to an event, the winner of the pageant will often make appearances around the festival or fair. Seasonal or festival pageant contests are a great option for someone thinking about entering a pageant for the first time and want to learn how to be in a pageant.

Local pageant contests are pageants that are based around a particular local town, city or county. In order to enter a local pageant contest, you must either live, work, or go to school (depending on the rules) in the area represented by the pageant. Some examples of local pageant contests are Miss Dallas, Miss Hollywood, Miss Orlando and Miss Atlanta. The number of contestants competing in a local pageant contest change based on the area of the pageant. Some local pageants have a very high number of contestant entries while others will have very low numbers. Once again, the value of prizes and the entry fee for these local pageant contests will depend on the popularity of the pageant and the number of contestants who enter. Local pageant contest winners will attend events in their communities, towns and cities such as festivals, parades & sporting events and will also work with charity organizations in their area. Depending on the specific local pageant contest, some local pageants will send their winners to compete in a statewide pageant contest for a chance to win the larger pageant. Local pageant contests are another great way for women and girls who are interested in competing in a pageant contest to get started and learn how to be in a pageant.

State pageant contests are much larger than local and festival pageants and are generally harder pageants to win. Because state pageants cover a much larger geographical area than local pageants, there are often a lot more contestants who enter a state pageant contest. Entry fees for state pageants much more expensive than local and festival pageants and can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars just to enter the contest. However, the high entry fee also means there are usually larger prize packages for the winners. Examples of state pageant contests are Miss Texas, Miss Georgia, Miss California & Miss New York. Some state pageant contests, but not all, will require a contestant to have first won a local pageant before they can enter the state pageant. Many of the contestants who enter a state pageant will have competed in and possibly won other pageant contests before entering a state pageant. Because of the high-cost to compete and the large number of contestants, state-level pageant contests are generally best for more experienced pageant contestants or those with significant stage or performance backgrounds.

National pageant contests, sometimes just called “Nationals” are pageant contests that allow contestants from across the entire country to compete in a large pageant. Most national pageant contests require girls to have won their state pageant before they can enter the national pageant. Examples of National Pageants are Miss America, Miss USA, Miss India Femina and Miss Philippines Earth. National pageant contests are very difficult to win and very expensive to enter. However, the winner of a national pageant contest will earn very expensive prizes and will often become a well-known figure in the country. National pageant contestants usually have lots of experience competing in pageant contests.

Global pageant contests are the most difficult of all pageant contests to win. In global pageant contests, girls and women from around the world represent their home country in a large pageant contest. In order to compete in a global pageant contest, you must win your country’s national pageant or be selected as the country’s representative by pageant officials. Examples of global pageant contests are Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International.

Entering a pageant contest

If you would like to enter a pageant contest, the first thing you need to do is decide what type of pageant contest you would like to enter: local, seasons, state, etc.

Next, use the internet to research pageants in your area that match your criteria. Local and state pageant organizers will often also know about seasonal pageants you can enter in your area if you are unable to find information about seasonal pageants online. Find out what areas of the pageant contest you will be competing in. Most common are evening wear, swimsuit or fitness, talent and interview.

After finding the pageant contest you want to enter, reach out to pageant organizers to apply to be a contestant. This might mean having a phone interview with the director or filling out a paper application. Once you are officially a contestant, you are ready to start building your wardrobe and preparing for the competition. Make sure you are working on each aspect of the competition, from working out for the swimsuit phase to practicing interview questions and public speaking for the interview phase.  If you need help with any phase of the pageant contest, Pageant Professors offers free training videos that show you how to excel in each area of the pageant.

There is a lot of work that goes into winning a pageant contest but if you are dedicated, you will have a lot of success with pageant contests and have a great time while doing it!

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