How to be in a Pageant


Learning how to be in a pageant is easy but not everyone knows how to go about it. Every year, after the Miss USA, Miss Universe or Miss America pageants air on television – the pageant world sees a huge influx of young women who have been dazzled by the amazing beauties they’ve seen on TV and want to join in the action for themselves. But what most women don’t understand is exactly what it takes to make your dreams of pageantry a reality. They don’t know exactly how to be in a pageant! So today we are going to break down exactly what you need to do to be in a pageant.

Ready? Well let’s get on with it… your crown is waiting!

10 steps to learning how to be in a pageant


Step 1: Figure out your WHY

Learning how to be in a pageant means the first thing you need to think about is WHY you want to be in a pageant. This may sound silly, but it is important you take time to really think about this question (and the corresponding answer) because it will become the basis for almost everything you do while preparing for the competition. Why do it now? There is a good chance that the pageant director and even pageant application will ask you about your WHY so make sure you have this answer ready!

Step 2: Timing is everything

After you have figuring out WHY you want to be in a pageant, you also need to take some time to think about if now is the RIGHT time for you to compete. You may not realize it yet, but competing in a pageant can be very time consuming task and has a cost associated with it. If you are working or going to school (or both) – take some time to decide if you have enough time and energy to take on an additional responsibility. And remember that the demands on your time don’t end after the pageant – when you are crowned as the winner (!!!) your time commitments will only increase. As a titleholder, you will be traveling around your city, state or country – promoting your platform and raising awareness for your cause so make sure that you have factored that into your decision making process. Ask yourself: “can I take a year off if I win or handle the demands on my schedule while working/going to school?” Thinking about these tough questions ahead of time will make sure that you are making decisions that are best for you in the long run.

Step 3: Pick your pageant

Another thing that is important when learning how to be in a pageant is to understand how to  pick a pageant that is right for you. There are lots of fantastic pageant systems out there and finding one that best aligns with your personality and interests are important. Each pageant has something special about them and there is nothing saying that you have to ONLY pick one pageant to compete in forever. Changing pageant systems is common and is a good way to find one that is a perfect fit. But for your first pageant here are some things to consider when deciding on the perfect pageant for you:

    • What is the pageant’s platform or primary charity or cause they sponsor? Is this cause something that interests you and that you would be happy to work for?
    • What are the financial obligations required to compete in this pageant? Do those obligations fit within your budget?
    • What kinds of things/events/activities is the current titleholder involved with? Does what she is doing, the coverage, support, etc something that appeals to you?
    • What are the competition categories and how is each category judged? Example: are you a talented dancer but the pageant doesn’t have a talent competition? If performing your talent on-stage is important to you – take a look at pageants that do have an on-stage talent competition.
    • What does the prize package look like? If you are a current or future college student, finding a pageant that rewards competitors with college scholarships might be something that appeals to you.

 Step 4: Contact the pageant

In order to become the next Miss USA or Miss America, you first have to win your state pageant in order to move on to the national level. You can find much of the information on how to be in a pageant and pageant information on our website under Pageant Instruction and Find a Pageant. Or – you can use a search engine to find what you are looking for that way. Google Miss _______ (whatever state you live in) and check out the website. Read the rules and eligibility requirements and once you are sure you qualify – reach out to the organizers to let them know you are interested in competing. This will either mean filling out an online application or sending an e-mail to the organizers.

Step 5: Patience is a virtue

How to be in a pageant lesson 5 is learning to wait – patiently – for a response. Pageant organizers are very busy people and there is nothing worse than a pageant contestant that hounds organizers all day. Generally after filling out an online application or sending an e-mail, you will hear from organizers within a week. If for some reason you don’t hear back within that time frame, you can send a follow up e-mail confirming that they saw your original email but leave it at that. The organizers WILL get back to you, just give them time and you’ll hear back.

Step 6: Perfect your paperwork

The next step in how to be in a pageant is perfecting your paperwork. Once you hear back from the pageant organizers, it is important that you send them the necessary paperwork and applications back in a timely manner. If the organizers give you a deadline – DON’T miss it. It could result in you missing the entry deadline and having to wait a whole year before you can apply again.  If the organizers don’t specify a deadline, make sure to ask.

Step 7: Read the rules

Once the pageant organizers have accepted your application and notified you that you are now official contestant, they will likely send you a contestant packet with lots of useful and important information. Make sure you read EVERYTHING in that contestant packet and if you are a teen contestant, have your parent (or guardian) go through the documents with you. Pay close attention to the wardrobe rules, sponsorship requirements and any and all deadlines.

Step 8: Prepare, prepare, and prepare

Now that you are officially a contestant, it is time to prepare! You are almost through learning how to be in a pageant but you still are going to have a lot of work ahead of you. Things like finding the perfect wardrobe to mastering the mental game are all important aspects of how to be in a pageant. Sound overwhelming – not to worry! On you will find TONS of free instruction to help you at every step of your journey.  And make sure you sign-up for our e-mail list where you will get access to tons of additional content that is ONLY available to our subscribers. And just for signing up- you’ll get our free Evening Gown 101 course that will help you master the evening gown portion of your competition.

Step 9: Enjoy the ride

Just like in life, when it comes to pageantry – the journey is just as important as the destination so make sure you are relishing every step of your pageant adventure. You will be embarking on an amazing new adventure where you will be learning a TON about yourself and meeting lots of fabulous new friends. Pageant journals, blogs and scrapbooks are all great ways to create lasting memories about the once-in -a -lifetime journey you’re on!

Step 10: Time to shine

Once all of your ducks are in a row, and you’ve prepared to your heart’s content – the last and most important thing you have to do is get up on that stage and have the time of your life. Don’t stress about the details or worry about your competition … now is the time to just relax and enjoy the spotlight. Own that stage and show those judges why you are fabulous and fantastic. Remember that no matter what happens – you are amazing and the simple fact that you are strutting around on that stage means you’re already a beauty queen.

  • the best preparation to be is to know yourself because this where confidence and intelligence comes from, and then learn how to become beautiful by mastering your fashion sense when it comes to wardrobe and putting make-ups to your face.