How to Stand Out in Your Pageant Evening Gown: Unique Evening Gown Trends


If you’re looking to stand out from pack at your next pageant, a unique evening gown can help you show off your personal style. How big of a role will a trend play in your next evening gown selection? Here are some options and considerations from what we’ve seen on the national and international stages this season.

Exaggerated elements
At DC USA, Prita wore a fantastic light pink and black evening gown. Although a retail find, it looked as if it was custom made for her body. Oh and did I mention it had a giant bow on the front?  When you unexpectedly fall in love with a dress such as this you run the risk of drawing the attention away from yourself and to the exaggerated element itself.

In an international pageant, a contestant wore a show stopping red and white floral gown. The trouble with prints is that they go out of style quickly. Florals, animal prints, and polka dots however always seem to come back year after year. Balance, balance, balance– if you’re thinking of doing a print, I would suggest doing so with a classic silhouette.


If your legs are your best feature, this dress may be the perfect one for you. Short in the front, long in the back, the high low evening gown was the one to watch at Miss Universe this year. And there is no hiding your footwear in this gown so put some consideration into what colors might compliment or clash with your overall look. Can’t find the perfect shade to match your gown– (and I never thought I’d be advocating for this) dye them!

One sleeve or two? That is the question.

I have made no bones about expressing my love for New Mexico, Brittany Toll’s gown at Miss USA this year so here I go again. The blonde bombshell stepped out in a fierce blue one sleeved evening gown with a silver rhinestone belt at her waist. It was the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. My favorite thing about this trend is that it is an ageless one– I was thrilled to see contestants at Teen USA working the one sleeved gowns as well.

Two years ago we saw a T5 finisher in a white (two) sleeved gown– from the high neckline at the front to the dangerously low back this gown hit all the right notes.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to make of this trend when I saw it at Teen USA this year. Was this a nod to menswear that made a big comeback this year or an attempt to update the classic halter top? It was unexpected to see it once, but twice? I got to thinking they just might be on to something.  Because I spent a decent amount of time looking at the collar itself, it drew my eyes up toward the contestants’ faces. Genius.

Unique evening gowns, love them or hate them? Sound off in the comment section below!

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  • deida

    Classic, large evening gowns are making a comeback! Everyone has had slim dresses and it is not distinguishable. Prime example of a classic gown is Olivia Culpo’s Miss Universe 2013 evening gown….a very classic hollywood simple dress with long sleeves! She looked amazing and stood out and she won. Take examples from Miss Venezuela where slim dresses are not always preferred but some birthday cake dresses make the cut! It is all about classic and elegance….too much sexy is just too cliche!