Choosing the Right Color for Your Evening Gown (Part 2)

  • Haley

    I am competing in a local pageant for the Miss title, although I am a teen (thirteen) because there is no adult category. I am blonde with light skin. Would lavender be a good color for my evening gown?

    • Hey Haley!! I think a lavender evening gown would be a perfect color for your pageant competition! You are clearly already heading in the right direction! In terms of competing for the Miss title – what is the age range for contestants? Be careful of any pageant that pits you (a fabulous 13 year old) against a traditional Miss-aged contestant (like a 22 year old) for the same title. That sounds a bit worrisome! Let me know if you need help with anything else!

      • Haley

        Thank you for replying! I love your advice! The age range is actually 13-18 so it is a teen group, but the winner will be crowned as Miss.

        • Oh yay! I was worried there for a second! 🙂 When is your pageant? Keep us posted on how it goes and when you find an evening gown you love!!


          • Haley

            My pageant is on March 22. I will definately let you know how it goes! I have already bought a dress and I love it! I did buy it before I watched your evening gown videos though, and I am kind of worried because it is slightly form-fitting and has a slit. It doesn’t have a low neckline though, and is sparkly with some rhinestones, so I’m hoping that it still looks age appropriate. What is your opinion?

          • Oh, don’t worry about it being form-fitting. How high is the slit? If it is super high (ie showing lots and lots of leg) it is pretty easy to close the slit slightly to make it less sexy. The problem for teens really comes from having a gown that has all the “Miss” elements at once. Like being SUPER tight and fitted WITH a uber high slit, super low neckline AND in a mature color. But realistically with a lavender gown and no low neckline, you are totally fine. It is really all about balance and it sounds like your gown is definitely balanced. Not to mention – the most important element is loving it and since you do, it sounds perfect for you. Be sure to send us pictures!!

          • Haley

            That’s great! Thank you so much for your help! The slit goes close to mid thigh. How can I send pictures to you guys? I definately will try to send you some of me during the pageant!:)

          • Oh yay! You can e-mail us pics (or if you need any other help!) to! Good luck with everything – we are sooo excited for you!

          • Haley

            Ok! Thank you so much! I will let you know how it goes!:)

  • Alante

    You didn’t discuss what colors would look nice on African-American skin tones. What is your take on that?

    • Hi Alanta! That is a great question! African American skin tones are very much like tanned or darker skin tones that we talk about in that contrast is going to be key. Bright, cold colors will stand out the best whereas black and browns just don’t generally pop as well. Gold is another tricky color for African American skin tones because sometimes it can look bronzed and beautiful and others it can tend to look dull or boring. My advice is brighter is better – or of course you can also opt for white which really pops on darker skin tones! Hope that helps!

  • Trish

    My daughter Taylor, is competing in the Miss Teen Indiana USA next weekend. She has a periwinkle jeweled dress. She is 17, with blonde hair and a good tan. I hope this was a good choice for her. it fits like a glove. she is 5’4′ and petite.any help would be great

  • Alexandra Denman

    Hi I am a 31 year old Mrs contestant in the UK, I am competing in Miss World Natural Beauty and Miss British Beauty Curve this year, I have fair/lightly tanned skin and long black hair, I am a curvy UK size 18, I think in the US that’s a size 14 but not sure and i’m 5’3, I have two evening gowns one is a fitted deep emerald green in velvet, it’s long sleeved and off the shoulder with no bling, it’s a stunning dress, the other is a deep teal non shiny satin gown that is fitted at the top and flares out at the waist, it has beaded flowers on it and ties up at the back into a bow, are these gowns Mrs appropriate colour and style wise?
    sorry for the long comment, hope you can help xx