Suited for Success


by pageantprofessors

Tips and inspiration from the Miss Universe swimsuit competition

Summer may be behind us, but state competitions are right around the corner. For pageant hopefuls, here are our best tips and inspiration from Miss Universe.

1) Be prepared to rock a sarong on stage. Practice removing your sarong– an awkward “take off” can leave people talking about that rather than your performance. Practice is the key to success here– nerves might result in your forgetting to take off the sarong all together which could lead to a scoring deduction. Once your sarong is off, make sure that it is held towards the inside of the stage– you don’t want anything standing in between the toned bod you’ve worked hard to achieve and the judges. What to do with your sarong as you’re walking? Let it flow with your natural arm motions– this is not a magic show, no need for being fancy. Don’t care to be bothered with the sarong at all? Wear it around your neck ala Miss Philippines. I’ve never seen this move at the local or state level but she did make the top 5 afterall!

2) Most states require that contestants wear solid color swimsuits. If you had your heart set on a print, find a suit with subtle details like a hint of metallic or candy colored beading like those at Miss Universe. Stear clear of mix/match bikinis– simply, it is a distraction when the top and bottom don’t match. Go bold with color! It was great to see the Miss Universe contestants in their choice of bright yellow, pink, orange and purple bikinis. Don’t over-complicate the cut of your suit– there is absolutely nothing wrong with a simple triangle top and string bottom. Remember that you are the focus, not your bikini.

3) Chinese Laundry outfitted both the contestants at Miss USA and Miss Universe with nude footwear. A nude shoe is your ultimate weapon in elongating your legs without distraction. But remember “nude” means what looks nude on you! If you have really tan skin, a light nude heel will end up looking yellowish or too light. “Nude” heels come in a variety of colors – make sure to find the one that is best for you.

4) Find the cut that is most flattering for your figure– saucy Brazilian and low cut bottoms aren’t for everyone. Consider your walk when you are buying your swimsuit tops. If your walk has a lot of “bounce” make sure to get a bikini top that has enough support so it doesn’t end up looking inappropriate or uncomfortable.

5) Hoop earrings were a popular accessory on stage this year. The contestants’ accessories were large enough to be seen off stage. Opt for sparkle hoops, silver and gold to accentuate your look.

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