Prita’s Picks for Miss Universe


by Prita Kohli

  • Andrea :)

    One of my absolute favorites this year was Australia, I loved her. She was so graceful and feminine, she was absolutely stunning and she had confidence shinning through her. Although all the girls were very wonderful, beautiful and outstanding individualsand it so hard to decide here were my top picks for this year. Also I wanted to add, Olivia Culpo is so diserving of the title, she embodies everything a young woman should aspire to be and is such a bright example for young girls. My top fifteen were, Australia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Philippines, Usa, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Aruba my top 5 in order was Philippines, Australia, USA, South Africa, Poland

  • prita

    Thank but i need the best makeup artes and a hair discern because i am going to join the miss amazing pageant i need one of you gut to help me can you do that for me and i need a purple long dress thank you

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