Our Favorite Contestant Videos from the 2012 Miss America Pageant


by pageantprofessors

Did you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall of a contestant’s interview? As pageant viewers, your first interaction with the titleholders is typically during their on-stage presentation after their private session with a panel of judges. This year we gained greater insight into who the 53 amazing young women vying for the title of Miss America really are. The unique contestant videos posted online varied greatly as each contestant utilized their 90 seconds in ways that allowed them to flex their comedic muscles, showcase their talent, rally supporters behind their platforms or explain why they are best qualified to fill Teresa Scanlan’s shoes.

So who were our favorites? Keep reading because we’re excited to share our picks with you!

Rookie of the Year: Miss District of Columbia, Ashley Boalch 

Best Dressed: Miss Iowa, Jessica Pray & Miss Virginia, Elizabeth Crot 

Class Clown: Miss Oregon, Caroline McGowan & Miss Missouri, Sydney Friar

Most Photogenic: Miss West Virginia, Spenser Wempe & Miss Michigan, Elizabeth Wertenberger

Best Platform: Miss South Carolina, Bree Boyce & Miss Arizona, Jennifer Sedler

Overall Favorite Video: Miss Oklahoma, Betty Thompson & Miss New York, Kaitlin Monte 

Have you watched the contestant videos yourself? Who are your favorites in each category? Check out the contestant videos here. Don’t forget to leave us a comment below and tell us who you want to see win Miss America 2012!

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