Miss USA: A Great American Pastime


by pageantprofessors

Miss USA is often lovingly described as the Super Bowl of pageants. My husband looked confused when I described it this way, asking naively “Wouldn’t that be Miss Universe?” After much thought and debate, we decided that Miss Universe was more like The World Cup. The conversations that transpire in our household are pretty fabulous. The reason that many pageant-fanatics compare Miss USA to the Super Bowl is because it is all an All-American, US-only, hotbed of competition. It is a parade of the most beautiful women in the country at the height of style and physical conditioning…and oh by the way, these incredible specimens of womankind are also heavy into community service, charity organizations, and nonprofits. Not too shabby. In essence, these contestants are pretty close to the average dream girl.

Pageant Professors Nicole, Allison and Prita with friends Gabrielle Carlson, Miss Maryland USA 2009 and Courtney Hejl, Miss Maryland Teen USA 2003

The Pageant Professor team first attended a Miss USA production live in Las Vegas in 2009. We traveled en masse to support our friend, the then Miss Maryland USA, Gabrielle Carlson. You cannot imagine the incredible time that we had. If you even have the slightest interest in pageants, attending the Miss USA production is a must-do in your lifetime. The lights, glitz, glamour, celebrities…it is all just overwhelmingly fantastic. What you can learn from watching these pageant pros walk the stage is immeasurable and unmatched. We have been back several times since our first trip and can’t wait for this weekend’s festivities as the most amazing women in this country show us what determination, hard work, and a competitive spirit  is all about.

Tune into NBC this Sunday night for all the action. We recommend hosting a pageant viewing party with several of your friends. Get some fake sashes, wear tiaras, do each other’s hair/make-up and most of all enjoy the show! Don’t forget to have a door prize for whoever guesses the Top 5 and Winner. Bonus points if you can find us in the audience! See you there!

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