Kirin Christianson- Getting to know Mrs. Arizona United States 2011


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Kirin Christianson is Mrs. Arizona United States 2011. We sat down with this “Red Haute Mama” to talk glam, jaw dropping evening gowns and what she’s learned about herself after 8 years of competing for a Mrs. Arizona state title.

Pageant Professors: What is your favorite pageant tip?

Kirin Christianson: “Have fun” – sounds harder than it is especially when you are in ‘competition mode.’

Pageant Professors: Why do you participate in pageants?

KC: For one, it gives me an excuse to get glam! I also participate to meet other dynamic, positive women (who like to get glam with you). And it’s the fastest path to pushing yourself to improve body, mind, spirit.

Pageant Professors: What is your favorite pageant memory?

KC: Being Mrs. Congeniality…a few times!

Pageant Professors: How do you select the perfect evening gown?

KC: Try on everything. The one that makes everyone’s jaw drop….that’s the one!

Pageant Professors: What is your typical exercise/diet regimen leading up to a pageant?

KC: Eat normally, but super clean. No dairy, no sugar (that one is so hard for me!), and have fun with TONS of veggies, LOTS of lean proteins, and healthy fats at EVERY meal. And right before competition have a Larabar (gluten free and dairy free) for a natural sugar rush. That ‘happy’ feeling will last for about 45 minutes, so I like to do it right before interview and again right before swimsuit. Refined sugar gives you a bigger crash so go for some type of fruit instead of chocolate!

Pageant Professors: How do you prepare for interview?

KC: Read practice questions to yourself, then video-tape your interview. Listen to your favorite songs right before interview, and have fruit or a Larabar about 10 minutes beforehand.

Pageant Professors: What was the last pageant that you participated in?

KC: Mrs. United States 2011

Pageant Professors: What was most challenging about this pageant? Enjoyable?

KC: I let stress get to me – especially right before swimsuit. That stress showed in my performance AND in the photos. You can see how confident and comfortable you look by your photos.

Pageant Professors: What have you learned about yourself by participating in pageants?

KC: I have so much more courage to face uncertain situations. You learn to trust your instincts and to give whatever you are doing 100%.

Pageant Professors: Any last words/advice for girls new to the pageant world?

KC: Practice and rehearse as much as possible BEFORE the pageant. The choreographer’s job is to make everyone look good as a group. Sometimes there isn’t enough time for you to practice your individual segments on stage so practice as much as possible when you are not on stage.

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