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  • Anawya Quashie

    Hi my name is Anawya QUashie and I’m running for Miss teen USA. I really enjoyed the video i think that it will help me a lot in the pageant. I gain a lot of confidence because i get really nervous when I have to talk in front of a huge crowd. However I have of a one suggestion. I watched some videos prier to this and they also asked questions on the economy and you didn’t mention that in your video. Thanks for making this video.  

    • Hi Anawya! Thank you so much for your feedback – we really appreciate it and love hearing from you! Getting use to talking in front of large crowds is always a little nerve racking but the more you can practice, the easier it will get – promise! Try gathering a group of your family and friends and practice in front of them and then work your way up! 

      We also loved your suggestion and I think I actually know exactly what question regarding the economy you were referring to. You are talking about the one from Miss Teen USA 2012 about the economy and student loans, correct? The great thing about any current events question you may get (if you look at the PDF doc you’ll see there is a small percentage of questions that do fall under that category) – is that you can answer almost all of them from the perspective of a teen, thereby allowing them to become “teen questions”. As a teen – the judges don’t expect you to have all the answers for the world problems, economic or otherwise, but they want to know what it looks like from your vantage point – from the point of a teen. So you can keep that in mind when answering any questions about the economy or similar issues – how to does those economic issues face teens and those students looking at colleges etc. 

      Did that make sense? Did I answer your question properly? If not, let me know… just want to make sure I get you what you need! 🙂

      Fabulously yours,

  • Leoby_v

    Pageant Professors, thank you so much for this video!! I took notes throughout the whole thing and I WILL be studying them! I know that you were able to get so many different questions and break them down into three ideas. Knowing this will really make me a little less nervous. Watching this video made me realize how unprepared I actually am. I couldn’t even comeup with some answers while you asked. So now I know that I can grab a notebook and practice, and write down my fears, or my failures. Thank you so much! and Prita you are so good with the camera! 😀

    • Hey Leoby! 
      So glad to hear that you enjoyed this video and that you found the information helpful. And don’t worry about being unprepared – you have plenty of time to get ready and we are here to help every step of the way! I know a lot of those questions seem pretty basic but just like you, I didn’t have answers to half of them when I first started competing. But now that you know they are coming – you can start thinking about them and really figuring out what makes you tick. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback on this video – I love hearing from you guys! Good luck with your upcoming pageant and I can’t wait to hear about all of your success  Keep us informed, Leoby! Xoxo–Prita

  • Andrea :)

    Hey Prita, thanks again for making such great videos I really appreciate it. I feel like this has actually made a huge impact for me and hopefully with all your amazing advice I’ll be able to ace the on stage questions! I have never competed in a pageant before and in Canada there aren’t very many pageants or pageant coaches for that matter. I honestly love the fact that I feel like your videos are so one on one and like you are coaching me directly. My very first pageant is comming up in May, I’m competing for Miss North Ontario, the age group is wide, it’s technically Miss division, but the past winners have all been about 16 or 17. At this pageant if I do well, I could have the possibility of being chosen to compete for Miss Universe Canada or Miss Teen Canada-World. Im extremely excited but nervous at the same time, I have wanted to compete for the past few years but have only gained to confidence to do so now! It’s such an empowering feeling to have finally said okay, I can do this and signed up and a big part of that is yous ladies! Thanks so much for helping me prepare can’t wait to see what other informative videos yous guys have in store!

  • CHIPPI:)

    You have helped me sooo much. Now because of you i feel more ready to take on what to say and what not to say.

    • Hey Chippi! So glad that you found this video helpful! That is awesome and exactly what it is here for! Have you seen our free bio sheet training that is going on now? I think you’ll really like that one too! Here’s the link if you don’t already have it:

  • This was a very helpful video and i’m glad I watched it!!! keep up the great videos!!:)


  • Robyn Watson

    I haven’t compeated in a pageant for 5-6 years, especially not one with an interview and on-stage question that means so much to my scoring. ALL these tips have really helped and when I look at the questions on our “Possible Interview and On-Stage Questions” page our pageant choregrapher gave us, literally 90% of them are centered around these three questions so now I DEFINITELY feel more prepared than I was half an hour ago. Thank you SO much! -XOXO

  • fionaloui5e

    I’ve never done a pageant before, but am going to be doing one in the fall, so this was very helpful!!! Thanks 🙂

  • Lia

    this made me more confident ! ^_^ so glad I watched 🙂 thank you so much 🙂

  • kiersten

    thanks for the help i am just now starting pagents and im scared because im taller then most i ask my mom to start pargent and she has to think about it i hope she says yes i think it will be fun!!!

  • sade

    Struggling with coming up with a 30 second introduction, any ideas? Please?

  • Reagan

    This video was incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!

  • Ariel Murff

    I love the way you explained everything I needed to know, and this will help sooo much!!! Finally I think I have a chance to do great during the interviews! Thank you so much! Good luck!

  • Brightgirl23

    I am a first time pageant contestant, and I could use all the help I can! This video really did help me. Now I can take a deep breath and prepare the right way! Thank you so much!

  • pageant girl

    This has helped me a lot

  • camryona

    This video has really helped me!!

  • Meena

    this is very useful u helped my sister alot
    thank you

  • Tia

    Hi I’m From Barbados & I Have Miss Teen Barbados Universal Pageant Coming Up & Being From A Caribbean Island These Questions Are The Same Ones That They Ask Us & It Has Been Really Helpful Thank You So Much !

  • larrelle

    this was a very informational video thank you!

  • MichelleLeone

    This was so helpful! I have been asked some of these exact same questions in NAM one-on-one interviews. This video is very informative on how to answer questions that are phrased in tricky ways and helped me to see what the judges really want to know when they ask some questions. The role model questions have definitely been asked the most during my interviews and I have always had at least one in every pageant I’ve been in! Thanks Pageant Professors!

  • bev

    This video helps me understand so much. I find when I have an idea of what is expected I do so much better. You have given ideas that gets me thinking not only for the pageant but for other aspects of my life. Thank you.

  • Rochelle

    This was great information which will definitely help me on my next pageant.

  • @CPhranX_ute

    I LOVE IT! It’s so impressive… it’s so helpful because it give me ideas when I’m going to compete Miss Gay Pageants. 🙂 hehehej Can I ask something Pageant Professors… As a gay, are we allowed to watch and join this website? <3

  • tweety sweety

    thank you soooo much…this has helped me alot!!

  • Aliyah Armstrong

    Thank you soo much for this video