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  • Lizjohnson92

    SO helpful!! I will definitley be using this to prepare for my next pageant! Also, I love how you put a link to the document and it was personalized!

    • Hi Liz!

      So glad that this helped and that you are finding the PDF useful. I always like to have things to write on and keep in my pageant notebook so I thought maybe some of you ladies you find that helpful as well. Thanks a ton for taking the time to leave feedback on the video – I absolutely adore hearing from all of you!


  • Korizwaag

    Great tutorial.  It really makes sense to narrow down the idea of interview questions into more manageable categories and will change the way I go about interview prep.  Thank you!
    Kori, Mrs. America System

    • Thanks, Kori! I’m so happy to hear that you found it helpful and that it made sense. Your feedback about it being “more manageable” was exactly what we were hoping for since, as is, it can be overwhelming to try and prepare for every possible question under the sun. Categorizing should take the edge off a bit! Thanks a ton for leaving your feedback – it is wonderful to hear from you. Good luck with your upcoming pageant and be sure to keep us informed on your pageant career!


  • Katlyn

    This was an amazing assistance for both On Stage Question and Interview. Thank you so much for providing such excellent training for free of cost!

  • nech

    this is very helpful..:) so glad i’d found this… this is my first time to join pageants.. and it’ called in our school,. i’m just wondering whether its a must for me to read articles concerning mother earth???

  • Rachel Ann

    Bringing everything down to SEVEN QUESTIONS is genius! This video helped me so much in preparation for the on-stage question and the interview! I just realized how much I am focusing too much on one question and not paying attention to the other six.

  • Caprice Smith

    This was very helpful for a first time contestant like myself. I feel a little more prepared, thank you for making it so easy to follow.

  • Emily Plummer

    This was the best video I have ever seen about on-stage questions. I feel sooo much better than I can actually practice. Thank you!

  • Theressa Ruppert

    This was so awesome. Very helpful!!

  • Naa Karikari

    Super helpful !!

  • Von Gretchen McAlpin

    I am a preliminary director with the USA Pageant System, and this was an incredible method of simplifying an sotherwise overwhelming job of coaching my titlists. In addition, it takes so much pressure off of the girls, themselves. Great!

  • Miss Greater Tresure Valley

    I’ve been watching videos on questions and this is by far the easiest to understand by using the 7 questions. Love it thanks so much

  • PrincessCarrington

    I definitely feel better about the interview process and the on-stage question…This informative video helps take the edge off, because it makes you feel knowledgeable, and “in control” 😀 There’s so much uncertainty; anything that makes you feel confident, is a MUST! This video, Pageant Professors Team, no–your entire OPERATION!–is the calm in the midst of this crazy pageant “storm” 😀 Xo 😀

  • Stephanie S

    This was brilliant. The structure was user friendly and I plan to put this to practice. Thank you for your time and help.

  • Jina

    this video is awesome!! are you going to make a more update one in the next couple of years?

  • Yassi

    Very helpful and informative video! Perhaps you can make a video on how to effectively convey your answers with out letting your nerves get to you! Thanks Prita!

  • Jesyka

    Thank you so much for this! I love that the training is FREE (which is hard to come by now days) and so helpful! I cannot express how thankful I am. Prita is so cute and I love how personable she is. Thanks again Pageant Professors! You ladies rock!

  • Brianna Herrrera

    Thank you so much!! On stage is the worst part! I always freak out!!! This puts me at ease so much more!!

  • Vanessa Alvarado

    god bless you girls <3

  • Hilde Stehring

    Thank you. Seven questions is brilliant

  • Tracey

    Are these questions good for Miss USA or Miss America? Or both? I’m going to be competing in the Miss USA system.

  • Kathy

    I LOVED it! Thanks so much for the share! I love that it was free as well. Very helpful tips that I will practice. 🙂

  • Jacquelyn

    Thrilled to have found you!! As a Mrs. contestant and new to the pageant world…..I’m feeling truly focused now. I CAN handle the interview!!!!!! Thanks a ton.

  • Julia

    I struggles with the interview phase during my last pageant and got runner up, but now that I know how to prepare for it, I feel so much more confident towards my next pageant! I’m ready to beast it up and show the judges who I really am! Thank you so much for this video!

  • Keegan Brumer

    I found this extremely useful! I am so glad that I found this. I have never competed in a state level pageant before, and will be next year. Interview has always been my weakest point, so really understanding what the questions are really asking is helpful. I know I have had a few of the “about you” questions before, and by watching this video, I wish I would have answered them diffrently.

  • CC

    Great video training and very helpful!

  • Leah G.

    You all have done an incredible job with the breakdown of this Information. Thank you for sharing your research for FREE! The pageant system is about so much more than beauty. Nailing an interview really allows a contestant to feel like the judges have gotten a great first impression of her personality and character. They have this information to compliment her talents while on stage. Such great advice! This will help me so much as I compare for the state competition of Miss Black and Gold. I always feel like interview is my strong point, but I feel that these tips help me polish my answers and they will also help a great deal on current event questions on stage.

  • aashima

    thanku so much for this video its really very helpful for me 🙂 🙂