How to Strut Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel in Your Next Pageant


by pageantprofessors

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Lessons

Victoria Secret aired their famous runway show on November 29, 2011, and we just couldn’t wait to watch. We look forward to the show every year for inspiration. The models strong catwalks and signature style are ones we want to emulate on the pageant stage.

How can you bring out your inner “angel” for your next pageant?

1. Take long confident strides when strutting on the stage. Now is the time for being sassy. Think one foot directly in front of the other with a small bounce.

2. Have a strong stance at the end of the runway. A big smile and cute facials work for swimsuit.

3. Make eye contact at all times. The models had an intense stare down the runway, finding that one camera and selling it when they got to the end. You should have that same intensity with each judge on the panel. Try executing an “owl head” when you turn around, keeping eye contact with the judges for as long as looks natural. It’s a playful move.

4. Some of the girls are walking with props but they aren’t allowing them to distract from their walk. At some pageants you will have a sarong to remove and walk with during swimsuit. Make sure you practice with your sarong (or scarf) so it doesn’t distract from your walk as well!!

5. We loved the segment of the show called “Passion.” The models were adorned with large gems all over their bodies. While having jewels all over your body would be distracting for a pageant, you can work it on a smaller scale. Add some bling to your swimsuit with rhinestone bracelets and earrings. Remember you’re not walking the beach, you’re strutting the stage.

6. Take your time! The stage is yours. You are the show for 30 seconds. Take advantage of all the time you can.

7. It is hard to fake fitness in a swim suit. Focus on a healthy diet and exercise leading up to the pageant to minimize trouble spots. Check out our “Beauty Juice” video and interviews with our pageant fitness coach Walter Lewis for more tips!

8. Pretend you’re a superhero! We loved the VS capes. The girls got into character during this section of the fashion show and had a lot of fun on the stage. Choosing your own super power is also often a great interview question!

9. How much did we love Orlando Bloom standing up and clapping for his wife?!?!? Invite all your friends and family and encourage them to be loud and proud. It is always an extra confidence boost when you have an entourage in the audience!

What was your favorite part of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show? Did you learn any fabulous tips? Comment in the box below!

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