How to Sound Like a Beauty Queen


by pageantprofessors

Whether it’s a phone interview with the pageant system you’re competing in, speaking to a panel of judges, approaching potential sponsors or introducing yourself on stage, learning to sound like a beauty queen is a must. Speaking with confidence is a typical problem many contestants have but it doesn’t have to be an issue for you!

Here’s how to present your best self:

  • Be expressive: Enthusiasm sells! Use your passion for your platform to fuel the conversation. When you believe in the cause you are advocating for, your words will be filled with great energy and clarity.
  • Learn to love your voice: I honestly never knew what my voice sounded like until we started filming for Pageant Professors. I hated it and then I got over it, fast. Don’t worry about trying to alter the sound of your voice. It’s far more important to focus on engaging your audience and sounding kindhearted.
  • Avoid giving too much data: Doing your research about your state or city and current events before a pageant will help you sound interesting and relevant. Memorizing statistics and other data to share with the judges is boring and impersonal. Instead, rely on an experience you had in order to be remembered.
  • Record yourself on camera: Record your interview preparations—did you answer the questions as planned? Playing back your answers will help you identify things that could make you’re your responses even better. When you watch yourself present you get a more accurate idea of how the judges will see you. Also, take note of any distracting mannerisms or repetitive words you use.
  • Speak one-to-one: Often times, it’s looking into a large crowd that will result in your mind going blank. Focus on the individual asking the question or one person in the audience and speak directly to them. It will feel more like a one-to-one conversation and ease your nerves.

If you have some more tips, or want to share your experiences, leave a comment in the box below!

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