Getting to Know: Rachel Henry – Founder of


by Prita Kohli

There are lots of insider secrets a contestant needs to know when it comes to pageantry: Nude high-heels, Vaseline on your teeth and of course, stage-worthy false lashes. But today we are going to clue you in to perhaps one of the MOST valuable weapons in a pageant girl’s arsenal… how to find the perfect awe-inspiring gown for your next pageant at a fraction of the cost! Not possible you say? Well hold on to your tiaras ladies because Nicole sat down for a fabulous interview with Rachel Henry, the founder of – the premier pageant consignment resource for all your competition wardrobe needs. Rachel Henry dishes about why she decided to start the site, what to look for in the perfect gown and most importantly, her expert advice on how to become a Pageant Resale pro! Check it out!

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