Getting to Know: Jessica Lee Morgan – Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2012


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Jessica Lee Morgan - Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2012

Just a year into her pageant career, Jessica Lee Morgan is the new Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2012! Still beaming from her win, this 16 year old stunner  is excited at the opportunity to compete on the national stage and make new memories with the other teen queens. Proclaimed as a great multi-tasker, she is up to the challenge of balancing school with her responsibilities as a potential Miss Teen USA 2012.Pageant Professors chatted with Jessica who opened up about her winning wardrobe, the exercises that got her in tip top shape and her hilarious hidden talent!

Pageant Professors: What is the best advice you’ve been given to prepare for a pageant?

JLM: The best advice I’ve been given is “You never want to look back and feel as if you didn’t work hard enough.” Another great one is HAVE FUN!  Yes, it’s a competition but if you look back and you didn’t have fun was it really worth it?

Pageant Professors:In addition to winning Miss Oklahoma Teen USA you also won the evening gown award; what do you think is the key to a great gown presentation?Jessica Lee Morgan:I personally think its all about being confident, calm and elegant. If you look tense it’s going to show!  Just relax and act like you’re already wearing the crown!Pageant Professors: Who designed your winning white and gold gown, it’s gorgeous!

JLM: Jonathan Kayne, LOVE HIM!

Pageant Professors: We also loved the red high low dress you wore in your gown photo, how did you pick that gown?

JLM: It was a Sherri Hill, I love all her dresses and I wanted something cute for pictures! It fit the bill perfectly!

Pageant Professors: What is one pageant item you cannot live without?

JLM: HIGH HEELS!! Could not live with out them! The taller the better!

Pageant Professors: Who is your favorite titleholder and why?

JLM: Alyssa Campanella, hands down! She’s such an intelligent young woman and a great role model for a girl like me!


Jessica Lee Morgan - Miss Oklahoma Teen USA2012

Pageant Professors: What is your favorite inspirational quote?

JLM: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Pageant Professors: What was your final question and how did you answer it?

JLM: My final question was “What do you think is  the most important quality a person should have?” My answer was, I believe honesty is the most important quality a person should have.  I agree with the saying, “honesty is the best policy!”

Pageant Professors: Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

JLM: I honestly don’t have any, I’m pretty content with my life and how I live it:)

Pageant Professors: We know that you’re working with a fitness trainer for nationals, what is your favorite exercise/move that you’ve learned?

JLM: Yes, Brian Attebery at Results Fitness and Nutrition Center! My favorite exercises are probably planks and doing stair master! The stair master is literally my best friend!

Pageant Professors: Do you have any hidden talents?

JLM: Haha! Well let’s just say Cameron Diaz has nothing on me when it comes to a burping contest! I can burp my ABC’s!! 🙂

Pageant Professors: Anything else you want to share?

JLM: Thank you so much for the interview! Loved all your questions!

To keep up with Jessica during her reign, follow her on Twitter at @RealMissOKTeen

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