What is Pageant Professors?

Pageant Professors is a team of three best friends that met while competing together at Miss Maryland USA. Between the three of them, they have over 30 years of experience in the pageant world. They started Pageant Professors as a way to help girls in the pageant industry. They like to think of the tutorials as “A Letter to Their Formers Selves,” meaning that they share tips, tricks, and invaluable advice that they wish they had known when just starting out in pageants. Let us help you climb the learning curve.

What sets you apart from other pageant instruction sources?

Prita, Allie, and Nicole have experience in the Teen, Miss, and Mrs. divisions. They are all different ethnicities and have had very different pageant experiences. You can’t get this broad range of tailored advice anywhere else! Also, our videos allow you to train in the comfort and privacy of your own home ANY TIME you want. We know you’re busy, girl!

Do you offer private coaching?

We do have a limited number of private coaching sessions available. E-mail team@pageantprofessors.com for more information and make sure to include what pageant title you are vying for and when the pageant will be held.

How can I get more in-depth help with my pageant preparations?

Make sure to watch all of our tutorial videos and interviews on PageantProfessors.com. We also offer a premium instructional course called the PAGEANT PLAYBOOK that is available for those contestants that are interested in taking their pageant performance to the next level.  This course is offered on a rolling basis and is only available to a limited number of students. If you are interested in registering for the PAGEANT PLAYBOOK, email us at team@pageantplaybook to inquire about availability. We are always happy to answer more specific questions via email!

Can Pageant Professors sponsor me in my upcoming pageant?

In order to support each of our students equally, we do not sponsor contestants. We are happy to considering sponsoring a pageant as a whole and offering discounted material to all of its contestants.

I’m a titleholder and would like to be featured on Pageant Professors. How do I do that?

Shoot us an email at team@pageantprofessors.com with your name, title, and platform. We are equipped to film an interview in either Chicago, Baltimore, California or Washington DC. We also love to film while we’re in Vegas for Miss USA every year.

I’m a business and I have a product or service that I think the pageant world would like to know about. Can Pageant Professors feature my business or product?

Send us an overview of your company at team@pageantprofessors.com. We love to feature companies and products that are beneficial to our students.

How can I work for the Pageant Professors?

We are happy to feature articles written by our students. Send a draft to team@pageantprofessors.com. We reserve the right to edit any material prior to posting.

I have a topic idea for Pageant Professors. Who should I tell?

Tell all of us! The email team@pageantprofessors.com goes to the in-boxes of Prita, Allie, and Nicole.

Does Pageant Professors offer any advice for child or glitz pageant?

We do not focus on pageants younger then the junior teen division. We prefer that our students are old enough to understand the multiple reasons behind pageantry such as participating in community service, being a role model, and promoting physical fitness.