Evening Gown 101

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  • Ruby

    This was very helpful and detailed. Thank you so much, profs!

  • Thank you so much for all the great information.  It was so helpful.. Love these girls!

  • So helpful!! Thank you!!

  • Rae

    loads of great knowledge, thanks for taking the time to help others.

  • Allison Brenner

    There should really be a disclaimer that I am like 9 months pregnant in this video LoL Love you girls! Can’t wait for all the pageants in store for us this year!

  • Dr. Fran

    Great discussion and food for thought for this pageant girl!

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    really this nothing

  • Melissa Escaro

    Great video and tips!!

  • Kirstie_logan

    This is amazing. I am doing Miss Great Britain International – it really helped me. Was me who tweeted! xox

    • pageantprofessors

      Thanks Kirstie! We’re so glad you enjoyed our video! Good luck at Miss Great Britain International and if there is ANYTHING else we can do to help you prepare – just let us know. We are always looking for new content ideas for our videos! Xoxo –Prita

  • Hi, love the advice! Few questions & comments: What do you guys think about multicolored evening gowns? I have a pic attached of myself in a gown I am thinking about wearing for the Miss category (I am 20) in a brand new pageant system- Universal Dream Pageant. It fits great, I’m 5’8 with a slim but curvy figure- have hips and natural bigger chest (34D or 32 DD) but stomach and legs are basically “model size”. The length is great for my height, I don’t need it tailored (and don’t have the money for that anyway) and just need the right strapless bra or chicken cutlets to wear with it. I received many compliments including some on thepageantplanet.com. Do you think gown picking may be more liberal in smaller name pageants compared to USA or Miss America or is there “typical” gowns for pageantry? Also, how do you feel about natural hair in pageants? I am thinking about wearing my natural curly hair, but using certain products or will do a we set so the curls are more defined and less frizzy, or I might just straighten and curl it with flat iron at the ends for the traditional hairstyle to be safe if too risky but I want to show my diversity. You can see my natural hair in the pic too.  I added a pic of my hair straightened but curled too and my other pick for a dress (pink chiffon dress with just over the knee split) I wore to senior prom but got many compliments and was told it was very high class. And Allison you look great to be 9 months, I would have never noticed if you didn’t mention it! Thanks ladies for posting such great info 🙂

  • I definitely think that in 102 you should show pictures every time you reference something. I had to google Betty Thompson and Miss Universe 2011 because I had no idea what dresses you were talking about.

    • pageantprofessors

      Thanks Katherine! We completely agree! Stay tuned for Evening Gown 102 where we will discuss cuts, fabrics and shapes more in-depth!

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