Congratulations Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler, The Newly Crowned Miss America 2012!


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Reactions and Thoughts on Miss America 2012


On January 14, 2012 the life of Miss Wisconsin America, Laura Kaeppeler, changed forever when she became Miss America 2012. We would like to congratulate her for a well-deserved title that will last a lifetime. The Pageant Professors truly enjoyed watching the Miss America telecast this year. The great music, surprising twists and turns, and strong contestant pool had us on the edge of our seats the entire time. Eliminations DURING talent? An immunity award selected by fellow contestants? Sponsorship by Express? A People’s Choice award? Be still our beating hearts, this was the best Miss America presentation that we had ever seen. After we calmed down from all the post-pageant excitement, we put together a few observations that we thought would be helpful to our subscribers in their pageant careers.

We’re pretty sure all of the contestants watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show this year and read our article about how to strut your stuff like a VS Angel. All of the America ladies BROUGHT IT during swimsuit. If it were appropriate to continue writing this paragraph in Caps, we would do so. Swimsuit was that exciting. These girls made googly eyes at the camera, tossed their hair, and owned the runway like it was their job. It didn’t hurt that one of the best “strut your stuff” songs in the history of strutting was playing in the background (“Pause” by Pitbull). What we want to emphasize after watching the swimsuit portion of the show is how super important it is to make navigating stairs look seamless. A few of the contestants looked like deer in headlights on the stairs. You can really tell who is uncomfortable because their arms go stiff and tend to navigate away from the body as they descend. Be conscious of this during your next pageant that involves a step or two. Against our better judgment, we also saw a lot of clear shoes this year (we love nude). Clear shoes tend to catch the light in a distracting way and are strangely reminiscent of dancers in the exotic field.

As we have noted before, swimsuit is the portion of the competition where you can get away with cool jewelry or hair accessories. A unique piece of jewelry that we saw during Miss America was a blingy arm-band on Miss Arizona. It was fun and flirty without being overly distracting.

The major take-away from the swimsuit competition is the power stance that each of the girls hit at the end of the stage/runway. Legs were posed apart, hips were popped, and hotness was ablaze. The typical pageant pose tends to be with legs together and a knee popped. We love the power stance though. It says “I’m here, I’m confident, and I’m hot!”

It was no surprise during evening gown that the white gown was most prevalent. Six of the thirteen finalists wore white gowns. Three more were wearing light or nude gowns. Two wore black (including the winner), one wore grey, and another wore red. What we enjoyed about the white, nude, or light colored gowns was some of the interesting cut-outs, sheer paneling, and necklines to differentiate the gowns from the pack. As every pageant girl knows, white is a popular competition color, and it takes a special white gown to stand out from the crowd. We love that the winner gathered her gown inspiration from Kate Middleton–classic and iconic.

The talent portion was a mixed bag of fun performances. We absolutely loved Miss Oklahoma and her awesome Irish Step Dance. It was peppy, unique, and memorable. We were not surprised that she won the People’s Choice Award. What a cutie.

The final questions for the top five contestants focused on political affiliation, obesity in America, celebrities using their fame to spread their faith, Occupy Wallstreet and the glorification of teen moms in reality television. Head judge Lara Spencer asked winner Laura Kaepeller, “The divide between Democrats and Republicans is getting wider and wider; do you think Miss America should be free to declare her political affiliation?” Kaepeller responded, “Miss America represents everyone and so I think a message to the political candidates is that they represent everyone as well; and so in these economic times we need to be looking forward to what America needs and I think Miss America needs to represent all.” It’s during these 20 seconds that a contestant’s confidence is truly tested. We can’t say she answered the question head on, but with interviewing counting for only 5% of her total score, she maintained her composure, respondely diplomatically and didn’t skip a beat.

Our last word of advice after watching Miss America 2012 is to wear water-proof mascara! Although adorable, Miss Wisconsin’s winning moment photographs are marred by her make-up. At least we know that her tears of joy are genuine! Congrats to Miss Wisconsin America and best of luck on your journey as Miss America 2012!

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    I have a question. Is it possible to hold two titles at the same time? I am currently in a predicament where I won a local title that qualified me to compete in a national pageant. But, they have taken over three years to conduct the national pageant and are still organizing to local competitions for the nationals. I appreciate the pageant experience with that organization but, would like to try my hand at a variety of “Miss” pageant systems before I age out. Should I wait forever for the national pageant or can I still go out and compete for other titles? What should I do!?!?!

    • Hi there! Without knowing more information – our initial thought would be to definitely keep competing. While you cannot hold more than one title at the same time, you can compete in one pageant while holding a title from another. You just have to make sure that you are prepared to chose which pageant you want to represent should you win the new title you are competing for. If you want to chat more and discuss specifics – we are happy to help! Shoot us an email at and we can figure it out! Xoxo

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