Beauty Juice: Your Ticket to Pageant-Ready Skin!


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The Pageant Professors sat down with Kirin Christianson, the current Mrs. Arizona United States, FORD model, and Founder of She let us in on one of her awesome pre-pageant secrets—healthy smoothies! Keep reading to find out how to make this superfood concoction that Kirin fondly refers to as “Beauty Juice” and to check out the video of Pageant Professors, Nicole and Prita, making a batch of this magical mix for themselves.  Don’t let the yucky brown color fool you; it’s actually quite delish!

Here’s what you need for Kirin’s Beauty Juice:

(*Exact quantities aren’t really important as long as you have a pretty even balance of all 5 ingredients!)
Place in a blender. Enjoy!Kirin told us that the carotenoids in the carrots and tomatoes give your skin a healthy glow.  Recent studies from University of St. Andrews showed that when evaluating the beauty of a person, people who consumed high amounts of caroteniods daily were deemed more attractive that those who didn’t..and they were selected as being more attractive than the same individuals with a tan. Carrots and tomatoes improve skin clarity and give your skin a healthy color. Celery is the most alkalizing, and it clears up skin. Spinach is the densest source of chlorophyll.  It is great for detoxifying and getting rid of environmental wastes. Blueberries are the densest source of antioxidants from any plant.  They have more antioxidants per serving than acai or noni berries.

Kirin’s husband, a naturopathic physician, came up with this recipe so his patients would have an easy way to get more veggies into their diets.  Here’s why:

Eating/Drinking 5 servings veggies day:

  • Keeps belly fat away
  • Makes your skin GLOW
  • Lowers your risk of 2/3rds of cancer (80% is due to lifestyle factors
  • Produce is one of the easiest lifestyle changes you can make to lower your cancer risks

Dr. Christianson approves of the smoothie because the ingredients are easy to find year round,  a serving ends up being around 90 calories, and the fruit and vegetables give you so many health benefits.  Kirin likes it because it makes your skin glow, and helps you look smokin’ haute with a super flat tummy.

To learn more about Kirin and her great beauty tips visit

Bottoms up and cheers!

  • This was awesome!  BTW, I forgot to mention to add water and blend it for a little longer so it’s smother and more juice like.  You guys are so fantastic!  What a GREAT video!  Thank you for sharing these tips.

  • Roni

    This seems easy to make! Thanks Kirin 🙂

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  • Auset2

    Great and easy tips! Thanks!

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