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Miss America 2012 Laura KaeppelerI took some time this week to view all of the Miss America contestant photos, and let me tell you, it’s going to be a great show. Be sure to tune in to ABC this Saturday night (January 12, 2013) at 9 PM EST as one woman’s life changes forever as she becomes the new Miss America 2013.

I recently started following the Miss America system over the last 5 years or so. It is one of the best pageants in the world, and I am so glad that being a Pageant Professor exposes me to all of the major competitions. I have been watching the Miss USA production for over 20 years and feel fairly confident that I can pick the majority of the top group before the production (there are always a couple surprises). I called Rhode Island last year from a mile away giving her shout outs for best eyebrows and best online interview before the show (link to that video here). Miss America is a different vehicle altogether, but I am learning what it takes to be a true Miss America contender: brains, beauty, talent, philanthropy, and eloquence.

I have listed my favorite ten girls below based solely on headshots from the Miss America website. We all know that stage presence and communication skills will make or break these girls, but the beauties that stand out to me on film are:

Miss America Contestant Photo Alabama

Alabama: Love the red hair!

Miss America Contestant Photo ColoradoColorado: All American.

Miss America Contestant Photo DCDC: BOOM! High fashion. Love the photo.

Miss America Contestant Photo HawaiiHawaii: Digging her bold posture/stance. It says, “That’s right, I got your attention.”

Miss America Contestant Photo IllinoisIllinois: Dramatic photo. Great angle.

Miss America Contestant Photo MassachusettsMassachusetts: Great eyes.

Miss America Contestant Photo New YorkNew York: Another All American look.

Miss America Contestant Photo OaklahomaOklahoma: Fabulous eyes and hair.

Miss America Contestant Photo Rhode IslandRhode Island: Loving this girl. Reminds me of South Africa from Miss Universe.

Miss America Contestant Photo TexasTexas: Amazing smile. Glad to see a brunette come out of Texas!


It was really fun looking through all of the contestant photos. I had to narrow down an initial list of 17 likes to make my top 10. One drawback to the Miss America website is that each girl has her own page; you cannot compare them side by side. The Miss USA photos are all juxtaposed so you can really get a feel for the group as a whole. This was a little bit more difficult but enjoyable nonetheless.

Good luck to all of the contestants for Miss America 2013! Who are your favorites? Leave a comment in the section below!

All photos courtesy of the Miss America Organization.

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