Allie’s Preliminary Picks for Miss USA 2013


by pageantprofessors

I am not using hyperbole or trying to be dramatic when I say that this year is going to be TOUGH at 2013 Miss USA Pageant. There are so many solid competitors; it blows me away. Unlike last year, I think there is a wildly strong pool of blondes which we haven’t seen in a while (think Kristen Dalton, Candice Crawford, and Carrie Prejean).  Just like last year (when I gave mad props to winner Olivia Culpo before her big win by naming her my top pick for best  online interview and best eyebrows LoL), I studied the headshots that are currently up on the Miss USA website. I looked at the contestants once and listed my top favorites on a sheet of paper (there were only 12). Then I looked at the list a second time on another day and listed my favorites again. The lists matched. I had my top picks.

Without further ado and in alphabetical order, the girls I think will rock that Vegas stage at Planet Hollywood on June 16, 2013 are listed below. DISCLAIMER: I usually edit my list after seeing Fadil’s photos of the girls right before the pageant and usually I tweak it once more after seeing the girls actually walk the stage. STAGE PRESENCE CAN MAKE OR BREAK!

Allie’s Top 12 Miss USA Picks

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - Alabama

Alabama: Alabama, I nominate you for my best hair award. Girl, you’ve got an amazing mane. I love it.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - ArizonaArizona: She ties with Utah for best head shot. Their director, Britt Boyse knows what’s up. Love the edginess in her photo.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - FloridaFlorida: This girl wins my “it” factor award. I am not crazy about her head shot but from what I’ve seen on Twitter, this girl has got it.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - IllinoisIllinois: I currently live in Chicago, so I may be a little biased but I like this girl. Her photo is simple and clean. She has an elegance about her that shines.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - KentuckyKentucky: Oh hey there wild cat! Her photo stands out for sure. It’s almost too edgy, but I like that about her. Put yourself out there girlfriend! I feel like she and Tennessee may have used the same photographer. Fierce.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - LouisianaLouisiana: Classic demure pageant look with universal appeal.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - MarylandMaryland: This is our hometown girl. The Pageant Professor team all met at Miss Maryland USA so we always have a special place for our Maryland girls (we love you Nana!)…and let’s face it; they are GORGEOUS. Kasey is a bright shining star and she will kill it in interview. We love her and her sister Lindsay who is also an amazing pageant diva.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - NevadaNevada: I loved Nevada last year and I love her again this year. Nevada always seems to bring some serious smolder and sex appeal.  Nevada, you also win my best eyes award. Go ahead, girl. Can’t wait to see how new director Shanna Moakler has worked her magic in Nevada.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - New JerseyNew Jersey: An exotic beauty out of Jersey!? Fantastic. She’s stunning and I love her look.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - OhioOhio: Digging the hair color and make-up.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - TennesseeTennessee:  Another photo that stands out because it is edgy and fierce. I can’t wait to see her stage presence.

Miss USA 2013 Pageant - Utah Utah: I tied her with Arizona for best photo. This girl looks like she is already Miss Universe. This is one to watch.

My top 5 gals at this point are: FL, KY, NV, UT, and MD

See you in Vegas!


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