Miss Universe Prelims Recap: Allie’s Top Picks


by pageantprofessors

89 women are competing in this Miss Universe 2012 pageant this year and we got a sneak peek at all of these gorgeous gals last night during the Miss Universe 2012 prelims that was streaming live on Ustream (there is a recording of the event here if you want to catch up!). For some reason the recording online only works on my phone, so that’s a little tip if you’re having trouble viewing the recording on your computer.

First off, I am so thrilled that Planet Hollywood is the home for Miss Universe this year. Being there for Miss USA for the past several years, it just feels like home.

If you’re wondering how I widdle down my top picks for the competition after watching prelims, it’s easy. I make a list of standout girls for intros, evening gown, and swim…then I see who pops up most often. This year there are 8 girls that were standouts in most if not all areas of competition: Australia, South Africa, Honduras, Kosovo, Puerto Rico, USA, Philippines, and Mexico.

To kick it off there were 14 standouts last night during intros. They were:  Australia, Croatia, El Salvador, France, Honduras, Kosovo, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, USA, & Venezuela.

There was a lot of screaming into the mic for intros. It was aggressive. I didn’t like it. Loud and proud is great. Screaming is scary. I also want the girls to remember that any accents work in their favor. Play them up! There is really no hotter word than” MEH-HE-COOOOOE!”

Evening Gown

A few reminders…hi-lo cut gowns are not as elegant or glamorous enough to win a title of this magnitude.

Standouts in Evening Gown were:

Miss Australia 2012 Renae Ayris in Evening Gown

Classic white

Miss Universe 2012

Stunning in red

Miss Ecuador Carolina Andrea Aguirre Pérez

Love the red lips!

Miss El Salvador 2012, Ana Yancy Clavel

Flowwy white

Miss Universe 2012

White ball gown

Miss Kosovo 2012, Diana Avdiu

Great Grecian look!

Miss Mexico 2012, Karina Gonzalez

Red hot – the crowd went WILD!

Miss Philippines 2012, Janine Tugonon

A definite crowd favorite!

Miss Puerto Rico 2012, Bodine Koehler

Light pink and heavenly!

Miss South Africa 2012, Melinda Bam,

Glamorous in gold!

Miss Sri Lanka 2012, Sabrina Herft

She looks like our own Pageant Professor, Nicole Ortiz!

Miss USA 2012, Olivia Culpo

Olivia’s face is perfection; dress is amazing for the holidays…love love love

Miss Venezuela 2012, Irene Sofía Esser Quintero

Such a sexy dress; blows my socks off!

For evening gown, there were a few falls, lots of teen gowns that didn’t belong on the stage, too many red lips, a lot of dresses that were hemmed too short, and a sea of yellow dresses.

As a contestant, you have to think to yourself as a contestant, “Ok there are almost 90 amazing women on stage…what can I do to stand out?” USA hit it out of the park with this.


Swim revealed a plethora of hot bods. There was lots of plastic surgery but for the most part it was tasteful and subtle. The girls wore the same Chinese Laundry sky-high heels that were featured at Miss USA this year.

The following rose to the top in their Kooey swimwear:

Miss Australia 2012, Renae Ayris
Miss Brazil 2012, Gabriela Markus
Miss Honduras 2012, Jennifer Andrade
Miss Korea 2012, Sung-hye Lee
Miss Kosovo 2012, Diana Avdiu
Miss Mexico 2012, Karina Gonzalez
Miss Netherlands 2012, Nathalie den Dekker
Miss Philippines 2012, Janine Tugonon
Miss Puerto Rico 2012, Bodine Koehler
Miss USA 2012, Olivia Culpo

Top 5

The only girl I didn’t see coming tonight was Honduras. She was a showstopper that I wasn’t expecting.

If I had to pick now, my top 5 would be USA, Kosovo, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia with Honduras and Philippines close behind.

All photos courtesy of the Miss Universe Organization; © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

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